December Misc Roundup

Every year, while we have entire families gathered, we make sure to set up a tripod and snap a photo. Here’s the Swank gathering:


And the Jensons:


And some fun images at Liz & Jeff’s house:

School and activities keep the kids pretty busy. Here you can see the results of the project-based learning (PBL) program at Summa, a lucky shot of Will doing screen printing, some Trackers action, and a couple images from our bus commute (Hi, Uncle Sam!).

Some images from closer to home: cousin Ashton turned 2, Lucy got her first tie shoes, and they both love their Pley subscriptions.

Christmas day at the Jensons in Washougal.


The first photo here is the last one we have from our Portland house. The rest are from one of the Airbnbs we stayed in after our old house was sold, but before the new one was ready.

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