April Misc Roundup

April was an eventful month! In no particular order: chasing bubbles in our local park, hair- and bangs-trims, making birthday cards, cousin Ty’s 4th birthday party, Trackers, surprise “costumes” for a board-game night, Lair Hill Park because traffic was nice and we got to school early, and the Cultured Caveman.


…decided to start using deodorant (and asked us to broadcast the fact), helped pressure-wash the car, discovered frogs in our front yard, loved some Minecraft fiction, did paint-by-numbers with Becky, and built complicated Lego kits from Pley.


…got her first hair dryer and a suspension system for her stuffies, set up the dollhouse at the Jenson grandparents’ house, and learned how to brew coffee using a french press.

The Grownups

…sent Ben to SF to start a new job, enjoyed their deck, took some portraits, lounged with the dogs, and sent Becky to get re-injected with her own blood.

C U T E   P U P P Y   T I M E


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