April Jenson Happenings

In February, Becky’s mother Dorothy was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct. It was a pretty serious diagnosis, and they immediately started taking it seriously. After a few more tests, it became clear that this wasn’t the kind of cancer you survive. She started chemotherapy, but when she found out how awful it was on her, she stopped treatment and chose instead to live her last bit of life as clear-headed as possible and soak it all in.

Needless to say, April was a roller-coaster of a month for Becky and her entire extended family. Soon after the initial diagnosis, we started spending more time with her, and once the prognosis switched to “terminal,” we gathered all of Becky’s siblings and their families for an impromptu reunion in Washougal (post forthcoming).

Here’s a smattering of images from April. Most were taken while Will & I spent a long weekend camping, so we’re absent from most of them.

There were good moments. Really good. The underlying mood was obviously pretty low, but we all truly enjoyed each others’ company, in a more immediate way than we really had before. Stay tuned for more on the reunion, it’s getting its own post.

5 thoughts on “April Jenson Happenings

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