June Wisconsin Trip

Sarah and Alan had been training to run a marathon for months. They had everything lined up: they had their bibs and lodging for the night before, were physically ready, and had arranged for Ken and Dorothy to come watch the kids while they were away.

Then Dorothy was diagnosed with cancer, and that plan went out the window. Becky immediately volunteered to fly out there to help with the kids, and booked tickets for her and Lucy. Here’s the end result: two days, one adult, five kids under 8. It looks like they all had a blast.

Once the race was run (note: make sure to read Sarah’s side of this story), Becky and Lucy had some time to themselves. This also coincided with Lucy’s birthday, so the went on a special adventure to Cave of the Mounds, and since we’re notoriously nope-ish on buying things from museum gift shops, it came as a complete surprise when Becky said “happy birthday!” and Lucy got to pan for jewels in the sand.

Best. Birthday. Ever!

— Lucy, the day before her actual birthday

The next day, on Lucy’s actual birthday, the whole gang spent the morning at Legacy Academy, an awesome indoor activity space for kids. Afterwards they visited the sprawling campus of Epic Systems, where Alan works, and enjoyed exploring the new building that extends six floors underground.

A treat is essential to round out a birthday, and sometimes this can be difficult with Lucy’s dairy intolerance. They found a “cheezecake” that fit the bill, and it was delicious.

That evening they flew home. It wasn’t a long trip, but it was an intense one, and they were both glad to sleep in their own beds.

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