Ben & Will in June

While Becky and Lucy were in Wisconsin, Will and I hung out at home. This was his last weekend at home before heading off to Sandhill, so we tried to make it a special one. We did some mundane stuff, like eating, making cards, getting a doctor’s checkup, and just hanging out at home.

We also went to a giant car show in Sherwood with the Swanks, Aldridges, and Brasiers. Will had a hard time choosing which cars he wanted his photo with. There were also some early birthday presents handed out, and some sweet goodbye-for-now moments happened.

Sunday was an informal gathering at the Washougal house, to give the Jenson side of the family a chance to hang out with Will. We played bocce and walked in the meadow and the forest.

The outpouring of love and support from his family was pretty overwhelming, and Will was pretty quiet afterward. He felt like his life was about to change direction, and he seemed ready for that to happen.

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