July Misc Round Up

I turned 37! Lucy spent hours making me a giant banner and an amazing card. ❤️❤️❤️

Lucy has been very busy. We went on some walks in the neighborhood, she loves her subscription to Kazoo magazine, she’s been working on some drawing lessons and reading huge chapter books, as well as spending time with friends. She spent a week at dance camp, and they put on an amazing performance to show off their hard work!

At this point, everyone is doing everything they can to spend quality time with Dorothy. Here are some moments out in Washougal, featuring the Wisconsin branch as well as the locals.

Dorothy’s favorite activity is hiking, so they took her on lots of little jaunts in the area.

Becky’s brother Andrew just moved to Sacremento (from Germany), so Dorothy and Ken took a road trip to visit them in their new house. Becky flew there directly from our visit with Will in Albuquerque to spend time with them.


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