Ben & Lucy: Oregon Coast

We had planned on spending five family days at the coast in August, but because of Dorothy’s rapid decline, we felt it was important for Becky to spend some precious moments with her siblings and parents. This is the last portrait taken with all seven of them.


So Lucy and I took those days for ourselves. We mostly did simple beach things, but we  made sure to drop by Barnacle Bill’s and the Prehistoric shop while in Lincoln City, and ate some sushi and ice cream, too. We had a great time.

One thought on “Ben & Lucy: Oregon Coast

  1. I see you are having pancakes and am wondering if you still eat the Paleo diet. Ice age meals is headquartered by our house. I have tried three of their meals but two were very spicy. I really like their butternut squash lasagna the best and thought I’d bring you and the Swanks some to keep in your freezer when I come up for Christmas. I am enjoying your blog and always look forward to reading it. I’m very sorry that Becky lost her mother but am glad that she is close with her family. I wish I lived closer to Oregon but look forward to seeing you at Christmas. Love, Nancy

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