August Misc Round Up

August saw us in Washougal a lot. Dorothy was rapidly declining, and we all wanted to get as many moments with her as we could. Becky spent most weekdays out there, and Lucy and I visited on weekends, so many of our miscellaneous moments are from that house. Dorothy passed away on the 21st of August.

Dorothy’s memorial service was in Oregon City on the 23rd. Hundreds of friends and relatives showed up to share memories, and take home small pieces of her art. She was well-loved by everyone who knew her.

Early in the month, Lucy had a rare opening in her schedule, so she had a slumber party with her friends from school! They taught her the spoon-on-the-nose trick, and they waded across a river somewhere up towards Mount Hood. She still talks about it.

In between all of that, we shot a wedding, great-grandma Anne had a birthday, and we spent time at home and around our neighborhood.

Lucy went to a week-long gymnastics camp, bonded with little Hannah, did lots of arts and crafts, rode in grandpa’s convertible, started a wardrobe challenge (wear every piece of clothing she owns once before any repeats), and practiced being a junior archaeologist.

P U P P Y   T I M E

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