#43: Indoor Skydiving

Waaaayyyy back in December, Lucy received an indoor skydiving adventure for her 12th day of Christmas gift. At long last, the appointed time had come, and we made our way to iFly, which is across the freeway from Washington Square.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

After watching a quick video and going over hand signals with our instructor (it’s loud in the tunnel), we suited up. I daresay we looked rather dashing:

Then it was time to fly! The instructor told us what to do, and kept it pretty basic for us first-timers. It felt pretty good, not at all what I was expecting. Lucy was pretty nervous, but she was really good, and she came out grinning.

Of course, we were completely outclassed by the grace and ease with which our instructor handled himself. It was like watching ballet. Despite Lucy’s desire to immediately sign up for a 100-hour training program, we won’t be making a hobby out of this. It was super fun, though; highly recommended.

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