Second Annual BDB Weekend

My cousin Debbie lives in Renton, and I hardly see her. My friend Becky lives in Hillsboro, and I hardly see her. They both know each other from way back, and hardly see each other. Last year, to combat this problem, we started a tradition. We meet somewhere neutral, and spend a weekend exploring a new little place.

This time we found a perfectly adorable house on the shore of Summit Lake, near Olympia. Mostly we just talked. And relaxed. And ate. It wasn’t until Saturday that we went adventuring.

We hiked the Mima Mounds Trail, which had really unique scenery. Then we hiked a trail through the Capitol Forest. Both were great. We got caught singing by other hikers, but they were good sports about it.

Sunday we spent eating tacos, and walking around Capitol Lake in downtown Olympia, before all having to head back to our homes and responsibilities.

We are already dreaming of next September together ❤

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