Thanksgiving 2016

Our little family was unfortunately not all together for Thanksgiving this year. Becky and I flew to Albuquerque for a Sandhill visit over that weekend. As always, we helped him hang up the latest photos and postcards he’s received. This was our first visit where he got to stay with us overnight, and our Airbnb (with a menagerie of pillows) was near Old Town, a quick walk from the art museum (and its sculpture garden) and a fantastic playground.

We acquired most of our Thanksgiving dinner spread from Keller’s, but made our own Brussels sprouts (with bacon!). We ate ourselves silly (it really was delicious), and went for a long walk afterward.

Lucy spent her Thanksgiving with the Swanks, who made the trek south to Eugene for the event.

Scout and Hank spent their Thanksgiving at Camp Bradley, and apparently had a really great time.

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