November Misc Roundup

Lucy’s learning to write code in Python, and swim, and do gymnastics. She fits inside the trunks of rental cars, and is a good friend to dogs.

Becky’s been doing a lot of walking lately, and she occasionally brings back pretty photos as souvenirs. We went to the beach, and took exactly one photo! Becky’s been having her usual autumn run of family portrait sessions. I showed Becky how my new watch could help with our selfie game, and we took her dad to lunch for helping us paint things.

I had a retreat! I went on a long hike, and stayed in a cold bus with no microwave.

It’s All Dogs From Here On Out

Hank had to go to the vet for a sprained neck. We’re still not sure how he accomplished that, but he got some gooooood meds, and he’s all better now.

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