#37: Remodel Lucy’s Bathroom

When we bought our house, it needed some work. We’ve spent the last year putting our mark on each room, making it ours.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Lucy’s room was part of this, and one we kept putting off. We didn’t spend much time in there. But it was still bugging us. Here’s what it looked like right after we moved in:

There are a few issues here. Firstly, tile counters get gross real fast. Second, Lucy doesn’t need two sinks! Third: those colors. Ugh.

So we went shopping. Becky found some matte-finish chalk paint, which worked wonders on the cabinets and doors. And we spotted a fanciful scene at Goodwill that would happy up the place. You can also spot the new countertop, which has tons more usable real estate and only one sink.

Then it was time for the finishing touches. Lucy picked out some door pulls from the craft store, and elected to go the eclectic route. We found some bath mats and a shower curtain that matched, and a gorgeous mirror.

Lucy is over the moon. She loves her new bathroom, and it’s quite a bit more usable.

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