#99: Becky – Collect all Read Aloud Books

We’re huge fans of the Read-Aloud Handbook (it was even a Thing in 2014). Not only is it a great collection of science about how reading aloud to kids (and adults!) is a good thing all around, there’s also a giant list of recommendations in the back.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

That list is called the Treasury, and it’s now available on the Internet. It’s organized by type of story, but each book has a review and a recommended age range. (This is a great gift-giving guide for the kids in your life, by the way.)

Becky has a thing with lists, though, so she set out to complete this one, and it wasn’t easy. Before the list was available online, she transcribed it from the print version into a checklist on her phone. She borrowed the picture books from the library so we wouldn’t have to buy them. She scoured thrift stores in at least three states. She even found the ones that are out of print. She’s been preparing for this moment for years.

At long last, the way is clear. All of the books that we haven’t already read are on our shelf, awaiting their moment. We’ve read all the books that are below Lucy’s level, and we’re making progress on the ones that she and Will have grown into.

There is so much good stuff here. Our kids have an amazing bunch of years in front of them, with all these adventures to visit. Dorothy would have been proud.

Here’s a quick summary of our progress:

  • Wordless books – 17/17
  • Predictable books – 26/26
  • Picture books – 171/171
  • Short novels – 46/57
  • Full-length novels – 45/126
  • Poetry – 8/12
  • Anthologies – 0/5
  • Fairy & Folk Tales (with Parodies) – 31/35

Finishing this out will most likely make the 100 Things list when it happens, so watch this space!

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