#19: Saturday Pizza/Movie Night

Our family loves movies. We try to stay busy with non-screen and IRL activities, but big-screen storytelling is an art form that we highly enjoy.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

This year we tried really hard to make a standing Saturday-night appointment with a good movie and some pizza. Non-wheat, dairy-free pizza isn’t found at just any grocery store, but our local Safeway has them, so the kids are all set. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, we don’t have any shortage of movies, and our Xbox has apps for both.


Having one of these every week was never going to happen, but we did pretty well with weekends where we didn’t have anything else going on. Here’s a comprehensive (though probably not exhaustive) list of what we watched:

We’re a bit skewed towards movies we remember fondly as kids, as well as the new and exciting stuff from recent years. We’ve also tried to include Lucy in our AFI Top 100 challenge as well, when the movies are appropriate.

2 thoughts on “#19: Saturday Pizza/Movie Night

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