#74: Puzzle Table

Becky has a really hard time sitting still. She loves movies, but sometimes she has a hard time making it through a whole one without something else to do with her hands.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

We also like puzzles. We’ve been known to finish 1000-piece puzzles over the course of 4 days in a cabin, and during our last stay at the beach house Lucy finished at least 5 100-piece puzzles on her own.

We had this pub-height Ikea table hanging out in our theater room, and it’s the perfect size for puzzling. Becky’s dad volunteered to take it to his workshop and put a finish on it, and now it really looks nice. We got it all set up in our movie-watching area, so Becky doesn’t have to feel cooped up anymore!

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