#81: Historic Walking Tour

How do you get to know a town? We like to eat and drink our way through, but that only gives you an idea of what it’s like right now. To know how a town became what it is, you’ve got to dive deeper.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

The Pacific County Historical Society has published a series of walking tours as a PDF on their website, and it runs through the entire town of South Bend. We followed most of it, avoiding the parts that were treacherous (it had frozen the night before, and we didn’t want to slip and fall), soaking up this town’s baby photos.

(That last house wasn’t on the tour, but it should be. It’s decorated on all four sides with Christmas regalia, most of which they made themselves. The owner spotted us gawking and came out to chat, and we found out they do this for every major holiday.)

The tour guide itself doesn’t come with a map, so we made one.

(If you don’t see the map, click here.)

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