#83: Christmas Cabin

As long as we’ve been together, Becky and I have been getting away by ourselves for a few days at the end of the year. Mostly this is to get a bit of solitude, but it’s also a nice time to catch up on blogging and planning the 100 Things.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

These last two years have been cozy cabins, and we’ve noticed some patterns in our behavior. We like to sleep in, have a fire going, explore the surrounding area, make delicious things to eat, and watch movies.

This year we also went digging for vinyl treasures in local thrift stores (one of the local ones had a really great curated collection), drove to the nearest theater (an hour away) and watched Rogue One, and tried oysters 5 ways (another failed experiment; we still hate them no matter how they’re cooked). It was a lovely decompression, and now we feel recharged and ready to get back to it.

3 thoughts on “#83: Christmas Cabin

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