100 Things in 2017

This is our fourth time doing this! (Here are 20142015, and 2016) Some of the items are repeats, some are brand new; some are individual, others are for the whole family. We’ve tried to balance achievability, ambition, and interestingness.

This year, in addition to here and on Facebook, we’re also posting our progress on Instagram and Twitter. We’re @benstraub (Twitter / IG) and @beckyjenson (Twitter / IG), and we’ll be using the #hundredthings hashtag (Twitter / IG) if you want to follow along.

The rules

  1. Every Thing must be completed by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2017.
  2. They are not required to be completed in any particular order.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, each Thing requires that both Becky and I be present. Some are for just one of us, some also have the kids involved.
  4. More than one Thing may be completed in a single day, if circumstances permit.
  5. We are allowed to modify the list to adjust for life changes during the year, as long as the goal of doing 100 great things is still met.

Current Progress: 6/100

  1. Jenson Family Reunion
  2. Dine at Portland Restaurant of the Year
  3. Road Trip without a Destination
  4. Road Trip with a Destination
  5. Write Anniversary Letters
  6. Explore a New Beach Town
  7. Go on a Surprise Date planned by Ben
  8. Visit an Amusement Park
  9. Read a Parenting Book
  10. Visit a New Country
  11. Get New Sunglasses
  12. Go on a Long Bike Ride
  13. Stay at a Weird Airbnb
  14. Volunteer
  15. Karaoke as a Family
  16. Explore a New City
  17. Watch 12 Films from the AFI Top 100 List
  18. Establish a Weekly Game Night
  19. Cover our Windows
  20. Hike Dog Mountain
  21. Attend a Mystery Adventure Event
  22. Make 4 Fancy Cocktails
  23. Ride on Horseback
  24. Ferment or Preserve Something
  25. Tour Fort Vancouver
  26. Visit the Oregon Pacific Railroad Museum
  27. Set Up the Deck
  28. Build a Family Portrait Wall
  29. Set Up the Workshop
  30. Leash Train Hank
  31. Build a Bonfire on the Beach
  32. Make a “100 Things 2016” Book
  33. Grow a Deck Garden
  34. Cook a Meal from “Try the World”
  35. Organize the Costumes and Games
  36. Update our Kitchen
  37. Subscribe to (and Read) the New Yorker
  38. Watch 24 Documentaries
  39. Install Spice Racks
  40. Ride a Willamette Jet Boat
  41. Go Ziplining
  42. Purchase Mattresses for the Kids
  43. Train the Dogs to do 3 Tricks
  44. Read Through A Syllabus For White People
  45. Achieve 20% Fluency in Duolingo Spanish
  46. Complete the All Trails Challenge for Forest Park
  47. See a Show at a Children’s Theatre
  48. See a Stage Musical
  49. Attend a Live Dance Performance
  50. See a Play
  51. Attend Community Theatre
  52. See a Comedian
  53. Watch an Improv Show
  54. Take a Cooking Class
  55. Install New Floors
  56. Buy a Master Bedroom Set
  57. Organize the Cave
  58. Take a Class at REI
  59. Visit the Art Museum
  60. View a Photography Exhibit
  61. Cook Through Paleo by Season
  62. Update our Passports
  63. Create an Office Space for Ben
  64. Establish a Sewing Area
  65. Add a Food and Water Supply to our Emergency Kit
  66. Go Roller Skating
  67. Build a Dollhouse
  68. Complete Several “Walking Albuquerque” Tours
  69. Memorialize Ashes
  70. Render Lard
  71. Put Pins in a World Map
  72. Visit a Dog Park
  73. Organize the Laundry Room
  74. Attend Russian High Tea at The Heathman
  75. Thrift/Rent Holiday Decor
  76. Complete a Whole 30
  77. Reorganize our Camping/Outdoor Equipment
  78. Set up a Reading Tracker for Lucy
  79. See Holiday Lights
  80. Binge-Watch the “Lord of the Ring” Films
  81. Re-Home Art from the Beach House
  82. File our Stack of Paper
  83. Escape to a Winter Cabin
  84. Complete More Oregon Coast Quests
  85. Ben: Set Up the Theater Room
  86. Ben: Go on a Snow Retreat with Lucy
  87. Ben: Work Through SICP
  88. Ben: Speak at a Conference
  89. Ben: Teach a Class
  90. Ben: Smoke Some Food
  91. Ben: Take a Blacksmithing Class
  92. Becky: Make Pillow Case Dresses for Africa
  93. Becky: Keep a “Better than Before” Journal
  94. Becky: Read Through my “Read Later” Shelf
  95. Becky: Engage the Services of a Personal Trainer
  96. Becky: Learn Something
  97. Becky: Complete More of the Oregon Coast Trail
  98. Becky: Make a Hand-Stitched Christmas Stocking
  99. Becky: Refashion Some Things
  100. Post the “100 Things in 2018” list

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