#76: Complete a Whole 30

We’ve been keeping to a modified version of the paleo diet since 2011. It’s been working really well for us, and since we’re not too dogmatic about it (we make exceptions for special occasions or regional specialties), we mostly succeed in sticking to the plan.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list.

But 2016 was a real challenge. The whole year was filled with stress, so we found ourselves grabbing take-out more often, and comfort snacking. We got out of the habit of choosing to stay paleo, and by the end of the year we pretty much weren’t anymore.

One thing that usually helps us to get back on track is to do a Whole 30. By going super strict with eating rules, we get to reset our expectations and gut biomes to the place where we’re the happiest and most effective. We do one of these every year or so; usually not a full 30 days, but as much as we can fit in between commitments that make it really hard to stick with it, always at least 10 days.


This year we did it for 12.We made sure to not frame it as a failure if we didn’t make it to day 30, and the great thing about that is if we feel like we need another reset we can just do another one. It feels like we’re something resembling paleo again, and we’ll be back to our old selves soon. We also took into account our personality types, and wrote down some food rules that we can stick to, so we don’t fall back into our 2016 patterns again.

P.S. — The thing we miss the most on a Whole 30? Cream in our coffee. Mmmmm.

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