January Snowmageddon 2017

It began to snow on Wednesday, January 11, and it didn’t stop for two days. By the time it did, we had about 11 inches sticking to the ground, which puts this storm up there with the 2008 and 1950 storms.

Everything shut down – this area isn’t really equipped for snow at all, really, and the number of plows isn’t nearly enough to keep the main streets open. Lucy’s school and extracurriculars were canceled for a whole week, and everybody’s appointments were postponed.

It was beautiful when it stopped. We put on our tallest boots and warmest coats, and went looking for trees to shake. Lucy built a snow fort, and went for a walk on our front-yard waterfall pond.

One of our neighbors inexplicably owns a snowblower, and we were able to borrow it long enough to clear out most of our driveway before the other neighbors found out and wanted a turn.

Since Becky and I work from home, we didn’t lose much time. Our internet and power never went out, and we had just finished a big Costco trip and cookup, so we didn’t have to leave for anything.

By the time it was over, we were ready for the snow and slush to be gone, but for a couple of days, it was pure magic.

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