#14: Volunteer – Blessing Bags

In addition to contributing to several charities and causes we believe in, we also wanted to do something a bit more tangible to help other people. When Lucy’s school announced they’d be doing blessing bags, we signed right up.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list.

The idea of a blessing bag is simple: put some things that are useful and not necessarily easy to come by into a bag, and give it to someone in need. The organizer of this event had gathered things like band-aids, socks, lip balm, and toothbrushes for our bags.

We set up an assembly line where someone could grab a bag, walk around to all the tables (stuffing one thing from each table into their bag), drop off their stuffed bag, and walk 10 feet to grab another empty bag. Every kid from 1st grade on up ran the circuit.

With almost the entire student body running the circuit, we put together about 500 bags in just under 40 minutes. We helped a bunch of people, and it was fun.

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