January Misc Round Up

Lucy has been very busy. She graduated two levels in swimming (and is now in the highest level this facility offers!), she helps cook and make coffee, loves to sew and make banana sharks, and we all finally met Sam & Grace’s newest baby, Addie!

She also earned her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do! It was fun watching her perform during the test.

Becky retreated to the beach with friends for a few days. One morning they woke up to snow, which is nigh unheard-of in Newport. She’s allergic to cats, but made a friend anyways. She even Facetimed in to help Lucy choose outfits for the week. Unfortunately she arrived home sick, so got to hang out in bed for a few days.

My dad Roger passed away in December, and I flew to Denver for his memorial, and to spend some long-overdue time with family. While I was there, my mom gave me the box of papers and artifacts she’d been saving since my childhood, and there were some real treasures.

Will’s therapist Martha surprised us with some photos she had taken. The first few are from Lucy’s first visit to Sandhill, when we met all the horses and cats. The last three are from shortly after we headed home, when Will was having some animal therapy, which is one of his favorite things about Sandhill.


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