March Misc Round Up

Lucy played the role of Michael in a school play! It was Peter and Wendy, which is a cut-down version of Peter Pan, with lots of fun touches for school kids. The whole thing, from auditions to rehearsals to costuming to performance, happened in the space of a single week, as part of a program from the Missoula Children’s Theater.

Lucy’s Tae Kwon Do group had fun breaking boards.

I went to Lucy’s culminating event, where her class showed off the board games and presentations they made as part of their research into different biomes. (Becky couldn’t make it, she was at the vet with Scout.)

Lucy went to a Harry Potter-themed slumber birthday party, and made her own wand; planted a garden box and designed fairy habitats for it; learned how to play Magic: the Gathering at the hobby shop down the street; and we met a bunch of her friends at Burgerville for a fundraiser.

Becky and I got all dolled up for the Enchanted Garden school auction. Becky had a photo shoot at Strut. Lucy dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day, and we had another snow day.

Puppy Time

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