#18: Minimalism Game

A little while ago, Becky spotted a post on a blog she follows, entitled The Minimalism Game, and we decided to play along.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list. Click on the photos for a closer look!

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: on the first day, find a single thing in your house, and get rid of it. On the second day, get rid of two. On the third, three. And so on, until you’re evicting 31 things from your house on day 31. It works best if you have a buddy, so you feel guilty if you quit early.

We have no problem finding things in our house that we can get rid of, or letting go of them, so we just blasted our way through. It took about three days, off and on, but we managed to box up all 496 things to go somewhere else – some will become hand-me-downs for nieces and nephews, but most went to Goodwill.

It seems cliché to say it, but we feel lighter without all this stuff hanging around. If you like documentaries, check out Minimalism, which is about the two fellows who write that blog I mentioned earlier. You might find yourself lightening your load a bit.

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