Becky in Victoria

When one of my favorite people contacted me for a 2-day rush visit to Victoria, BC, I instantly said yes. (This person was my good friend Debbie, who happens to be married to a cousin of mine.) One fine Thursday in April I hopped a train up to Tukwila and got to have dinner with their awesome family before checking in to an Airbnb for the night. Very early the next morning Deb picked me up and we boarded the Seattle Clipper for a 3 hour lovely cruise up to Victoria. In just two short days we:

  • Wandered around the gorgeous downtown full of spring flowers and orca art
  • Had fancy afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel with a beautiful window table
  • Spent three hours in a Zodiac on Puget Sound
  • Saw a dozen whales in a couple transient pods, and some babies!
  • Got caught in a storm (which was miserable, but the whales made it worth it)
  • Visited Miniature World (my third time!)
  • Walked the waterfront
  • Had donuts at Tim Horton’s
  • Managed to have tea one more time before catching the Clipper back home

Excellent trip, 10/10, would adventure with Deb again.

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