#24: Lucy Outfit Challenge

Lucy is super into fashion and color and pairing. She loves shopping at Goodwill, and often spends her own money to pick up new items of clothing and jewelry. We like to encourage her to follow things she’s really into, so we set her a challenge. The mission: to wear every single article of clothing and jewelry that she owns. The timeframe: one school year. The reward: we go to Target and buy a brand new outfit!

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list. Click on the photos for a closer look!

This isn’t actually a totally new idea; Will and Lucy both did this exact thing over the 2015-2016 school year. (We also thought this might give her something to focus on besides her nervousness at starting a new school. It totally worked.)

Lucy started on August 31 (the first day of school), and finished on March 27. Below are the 100 photos from each day (she turned out to have exactly 100 getups), along with a bonus one with the new outfit she picked out from Target. We love that she’s developing an eye for pattern, color, texture, and accessories, and really having a good time with it. As she outgrows this wardrobe, we’ll probably run this challenge again, because she really enjoyed it.

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