April Misc Round Up

In April we went to the biggest Easter party we’ve ever been to. A large fraction of Lucy’s classmates and their families were there, and the egg hunt was huge – we personally hid 72 eggs, and at least six other families hid eggs after we finished.

Last fall, a bee swarm made a hive on the grounds of Lucy’s school. They weren’t really in a good place, though, so they went to stay with a beekeeper over the winter until a real home could be prepared. In March, everything was ready, and the whole school turned up in bee costumes to celebrate the homecoming of the bees on Earth Day. There was also a march for science, with all the kids and lots of parents participating. Becky was in Victoria at the time, so I was one of the official photographers for the event.

For the rest of that same weekend, Lucy and I drove up to Renton to spend time with the Eppersons (whose matriarch had spirited Becky away to Canada). Our tiny-house lodging even had an intricate and fully-furnished Victorian dollhouse!

Lucy went to a rug-hooking event, with Margaret’s aunt, mother, and grandmother, and where Anne was presented a huge award; we were in the paper for making blessing bags at school; Becky dared Lucy to stick her nose in some mud; Becky’s starting training for our big Ireland hike; Lucy went to her final Trackers day of the season, and loves to accessorize; we decided we had enough of door-to-door salespeople.

C U T E   P U P P Y   T I M E

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