Albuquerque Again!

For our 9th visit to Albuquerque (and Lucy’s 2nd) we decided to splurge a bit on our lodgings, and get a place with a pool. The weather in May is perfect for this sort of thing; it was 70s and 80s the entire time we were there, the kids spent a ton of time in their swimsuits, and we ate every meal outside. This place was perfect for us, so we ended up spending most of our time there.

Over the year we’ve been coming here, there have been a few little adventures that we put in our back pocket for when Lucy was with us, and one of the most exciting was Tinkertown. As we walked through, Lucy and the grownups were thinking “this feels so much like House on the Rock.” And we were right – Tinkertown’s builder visited the House as a child, and his lifelong dream was to make something like it. This is less about absurd and curious grandeur, and more about carefully-curated miniatures and a couple of eclectic items, like a real sailboat that had been around the world. Highly recommended if you find yourself in the area.

Will’s now been at Sandhill an entire year, and he’s made some serious progress. He’s not done yet, but he already seems like a more-mature version of himself, and it’s not just because he’s older. We’re really excited to see him turn into himself as we get closer to having him back home again.

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