#6: Explore a New Beach Town

Oregon and Washington are just lousy with coastal towns, and we love getting to know them. Every year we pick a new one, and this year it was Bay City’s turn. Well, Bay City and Tillamook; they’re close enough together to think of them as the same place.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list. Click on the photos for a closer look!

Our first evening there we walked out the door and followed our intuitions to the bay, and discovered a trailhead that we marked for further exploration. It turns out there’s a really well-done park there, called Kilchis Point, and it’s a gorgeous two-mile hike out to the water and back.

We also made a point to visit the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum (which, it turns out, is the organization responsible for that trail). It’s chock-full of historical artifacts, curiosities, and oddities of all manner. There’s a whole pioneer cabin inside! We also stopped by the farmers market hoping for some Oregon strawberries, but everyone was out! 😞

One of the highlights of this trip was afternoon tea at La Tea Da. Regular readers will know what huge fans of afternoon tea we are, and we wanted Lucy to have this experience as well. We borrowed hats and scarves, stuck our pinkies out, and tried our darnedest to eat everything on our tiered platters, but in the end we had to take boxes.

We stayed in a tiny house, which is part of a little village of them on the property of a disc-golf course. It had been raining, so we were trying to time it so we wouldn’t get super wet, but in the end we just had to tough out the wet grass. It was Lucy’s and my first time ever playing, and we’re pretty sure we played by the rules, but we weren’t sure what to do with a frog hazard, and didn’t keep score.

We had a great time, and found out that Bay City, though small, is a great place to go for some peace and quiet. Recommended.

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