#97: Becky – More OCT

Ever since 2010, when Margaret and I tried to hike the Oregon Coast Trail and had to stop early, I’ve felt like it was unfinished business. Two years ago I started to work on completing this quest, and this year I knocked another 35 miles off the total.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list. Click on the photos for a closer look!

Day 1 – Neskowin to Lincoln City – 14 miles

The first day my favorite person in the entire world joined me! We started at Neskowin State Park, hiked up and over Cascade Head, and ended at Cold Stone Creamery in north Lincoln City. It was brutal. The first 5 miles were all uphill on highway 101, and by the time we got to the top we felt like quitting. But there was nobody who could come pick us up, and happily the next segment was a pleasant forested downhill.

I was also joined on this hike by my new ClearCorrect™ braces, which meant that even if I was in the middle of the woods, I had to brush my teeth after lunch, and stick them back in.

The forested part of the hike was lovely, but once we emerged back onto 101, it got tedious, hot, and boring again. Only about ⅓ of today’s hike was fun, the rest was all noisy and boring. But we made it! We had some ice cream to celebrate, then called a cab for a ride back to our car in Neskowin.

Day 2 – Pacific City to Neskowin – 10½  miles

The second day I was joined by my dad! He always loved hiking with my mom, so he enthusiastically agreed when I invited him along on my quest. We started in Pacific City, at the community center where back in 2010 Margaret and I were picked up and eventually ferried down to Waldport (for a myriad of reasons). Today was half highway 101, half straight beach walking, and 100% pleasant conversation.

Day 3 – Lincoln City to Salishan – 10.5

Our final leg took us to Salishan Lodge, where I re-began this journey solo two years ago. Ben dropped us at the northernmost beach access in Lincoln City. Our first 7 miles were all on the beach. It turns out Lincoln City sand is much, much more rock-like and after several miles my feet were a bloody mess, due to the tiny rocks chafing with my sport sandals. My dad very generously administered first aid (twice), and cleaned and bandaged my feet.  Ben was able to join us for lunch when we passed by the condo we had rented (where he was telecommuting.) The final 3 miles were warm highway miles and I was so ready to be done.

So there we go; another 35 miles knocked off my total, and at this point almost all the “middle section” is done! (I have another 8ish miles right near Cape Mears.) Perhaps next year I’ll start on the southern section!

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