Lucy's June Misc Round Up

There’s so much here it wouldn’t fit in the main roundup!

First up: Gardner Marketplace! Lucy’s school puts on a farmer’s-market-esque event at the end of every year, and the proceeds go to charity. This year there were two organizations: Harper’s Playground (building playgrounds that are accessible to handicapped kids) and White Helmets (humanitarian aid in Syria). Lucy and her friend Madeline ran a bakery stand!

Lots of other stuff: volunteering at the Children’s Book Bank with Becky, eating sushi afterwards, taking part in a LEGO building event at our local library, and attending the Swank/Aldridge sequel to her 9th birthday party.

June marked Lucy’s last day of 3rd grade. This was pretty emotional, since her teacher Lindsey was also leaving. It should also be noted that she wore the same dress for her first and last days. This was no accident. Look how much older she is!

Lucy went to sailing camp at the Vancouver Lake Sailing Club! She spent 5 days learning to read the telltales, recover a capsized boat, tack and jibe, trim the main sheet, and tie lots of knots.

Then she went to Black Butte for a week with the Swanks and Aldridges!

Whew! She’s a busy girl! (Prepare yourself; this is only June.)

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