#36: Update the Kitchen

When we bought this house, there were some things we weren’t entirely happy with, so we made sure to set aside some of our house-buying budget for remodeling. It finally came time for the kitchen’s turn.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Click on the photos for a closer look!

First job: the countertops. The house came with granite tile, which sounds great, but if you’ve ever had it you know the grout gets gross real fast.

So we took it all off! Ken (helpful as always) brought over some dropcloths and sledges, and we smashed the old granite to bits.

Then the countertop contractors came in, and put in our gorgeous new quartz-composite countertops. I installed my favorite kitchen faucet (I really missed the one from our Portland house), and the tile people came to install the amazing backsplash tiles that Becky picked out. Looking good so far!

After that it was time to fix up the cabinets. Ken worked his magic, and over a weekend we had a huge transformation! It felt brand new.

And now, once again, we have to leave a kitchen that we just got to where we want it. We love this look, though, so stay tuned for when we introduce some of these elements into our next kitchen!

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