September Misc Roundup

Labor day weekend, we drove down to the Boones Ferry Boat Launch, and Kevin picked us up in his boat and took us downriver a mile or so to a beach you can’t get to unless you have a boat. Sarah and her family were there as well, along with Ken, so we got some quality family time in.

Becky and Lucy went on a retreat out to the beach! They thoroughly explored Seaside, and did a lot of relaxing. Lucy ate her first elephant ear!

While Becky was on a road trip with her dad, I took Lucy on the WSU Farm Tour, where a bunch of farms in the area set up activities for youngsters. Lucy learned finger knitting, pottery, and all about plants! We rounded out our weekend with a trip to the climbing gym.

Lucy: school field trips, hanging out after school with friends, becoming an archer in Trackers, planting wildflowers in our deck boxes, and helping Hannah to have a happy 2nd birthday.

Dogs: dogging, sleeping, helping, and more dogging.

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