#87: Ben — Penmanship

In January, I picked up a Leuchterm1917 notebook, and started doing a Bullet Journal. I’ve done this before, and I’ve found it helps me keep organized. One thing I noticed most when I started this up again is that my handwriting is pretty atrocious. I set out to get better.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Click on the photos for a closer look!

I spent the year consciously trying to get better at handwriting. One thing that helped was Becky’s gift of this penmanship course, which was apparently written for Victorian schoolchildren, but has guided practice towards a rather formal, fancy cursive style. I started noticing things like consistency of angles and spacing.


I also picked up a low-cost fountain pen, to see if I liked it (I do!). Here’s the end result. On the left: a page from January, close to when I started this program. On the right is two weeks ago, the week of thanksgiving.

Maybe the difference doesn’t seem so big to you, but I can see it. I intend to continue down this path, and keep working on my writing.

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