October Misc Round Up

Will was wowed by a New Mexico rainbow! After Halloween, he organized the other kids at Sandhill, and came up with a couple gallons of candy to donate to overseas troops!

Becky and Lucy spent a day at English Estate Winery, Becky helping with the harvest, and Lucy letting Maddie practice spooky makeup techniques on her.

I attended a team dinner at the inimitable Ava Gene’s. I also visited Zendesk HQ in San Francisco during the Napa wildfires, and had flaming drinks at a tiki bar. Oh, and I was invited to a monthly board-game night with other Gardner dads!

Becky attended the traditional Becky-Debbie-Becky trip, and spent a beautiful and relaxing weekend at the beach.

While Becky was away for BDBW, Lucy and I had some fun with face swapping, spent some time with cousins, and went to a birthday party at a pumpkin patch!

Here’s the result: her poop-emoji pumpkin. Lucy wore five costumes to five separate events for Halloween season this year: the Reign of Fire, the Monkey, the Mad Hatter, the Color Sparklypink, and the Prima Ballerina (not pictured, we completely forgot to take photos at that party).

Cute Puppy Time

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