#98: Becky – Hand Stitched Stocking

At the end of last year, Becky declared victory on the first of four stockings when she finished the front panel of Lucy’s stocking. This year her goal was to finish Will’s, and it turns out she got even a bit farther than that.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Click on the photos for a closer look!

She did finish Will’s front panel, and she wanted to be able to hang these up, but the kits only come with the flimsy front and back panels, there needed to be some reinforcement. After some brainstorming and rummaging through her mom’s stash of materials (Dorothy was a prolific maker of things out of fabric), she found some sturdy old curtains and pretty fabric. She and her sister designed a pattern and Sarah sewed up some liners. Becky then attached the back panels for the two finished stockings, so the liners will just slip inside! Now the felt and all the stitches are protected from actually using the stockings.

She’s already started on the fancy part of mine, but in the meantime we all have something that hangs up, and an inside which can hide festive holiday surprises.

The hardest part of Will’s stocking was the decorative cording that’s all through the reindeer’s antlers and reins. This is one of the many benefits of having Becky’s sister live so close: she was able to help Becky power through the hangups. In this case, she made Becky sit down in front of Youtube and learn how to make cording.

Her goal for next year is a bit more ambitious. Now that she knows what she’s in for, she wants to finish the final two, so next year we’ll all have fancy gift pockets hanging up over the fireplace!

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