#77: Show kids: Princess Bride & Short Circuit

Every year we like to subject our children to some cherished part of our childhood. In many cases this takes the form of particular movies, and this year we have a couple of doozies that neither of us could ever forget.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Click on the photos for a closer look!

The Princess Bride (1987)

Will: Very fairy-taley. I liked it. It was very medieval like. It  got pretty gory at times, and is a story of true love. I liked it when what’s his name agora montora [I correct him], okay, Inigo Montoya, I liked it when he challenged the count to a duel and the count turned around and sprinted. I did not like the part where Inigo Montoya got stabbed in the stomach by a throwing knife. I really enjoyed the scene where that giant dude, what’s his name [I feed him the name] Fezzik dressed up in a black robe and scared all of the army men away from the gates. Remember the part where Inigo Montoya asks the attack force dude to give him the key, and he said “what key?” and then whatever his name is, the spanish dude, says “Fezzik, rip his arms off” and then he says “oh, this key?” (laughs)

Lucy: There was lots of torture I guess.  I liked it, it has a good story line. At some parts you thought it was over, yet it wasn’t. And a lot of movies are like, we just go straight into it, but this one has the part with the boy reading a book, instead of just starting with Buttercup. It was fun to watch, it wasn’t like boring very much. I liked, it was like kind of fun when they were climbing up the Cliffs of Insanity, that was kind of funny because no one can actually do that without falling, because you’d get super tired, and then they would fall, and they would die. No one could actually do that, it’s not humanly possible.

[Editor’s note: this holds up beautifully, it’s every bit as good as you remember – maybe better. We specifically waited until the kids were old enough to get a lot of the jokes, and it paid off.]

Short Circuit (1986)

Lucy: It was funny, in a way where Will and I could understand it, yet it seemed like it was for older kids. It was interesting with all of the computery touches, and when you just started it you didn’t know what was going to happen, there was no clue, and then it got really exciting and I like exciting movies. It had some cussing in it, which was interesting, not in a good or bad way. Will and I were laughing quite a bit, mostly because there were funny sounds. Also I think that Johnny 5, his laugh when he was getting the joke told to him, sounded a lot like the “grand salutations” from Alivia and Olivia from Finn Caspian.

Will: Short Circuit is a great movie with action, and comedy combined. I enjoyed the comedy parts. There’s cussing in it! The storyline was very interesting, it shows an interesting topic, like machinery and mechanics. The robot, who at the end of the movie names himself Johnny, has a good sense of humor and is an amazing mechanic. I would recommend this movie to ages 13 and up, because of all the cussing. It has some violence, and it keeps you on edge.

[Editor’s note: Common Sense Media rates this movie as “ages 10+”. And it’s terrible. If you loved it as a child, don’t watch it again.]

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