#21: Photography Exhibit

Visiting photo galleries is something we very much enjoy. We’ve put this Thing on our list several times (2015, 2017, and now 2018), and sometimes it sneaks into other things, like when Becky found some great galleries in Chicago.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

But when we’re at home in Portland, the Blue Sky Gallery is our go-to. It’s the home gallery for a number of notable photographers, but also usually has a fantastic rotating gallery. This January the whole space was taken up with a fine display of Robert Frank’s work in street photography.

We also brought Lucy along this time! She loved the interactive elements (they had a bunch of Frank’s books hanging from strings that you could flip through), and seemed to like some of the images. She’s especially sensitive to social issues right now, so was saying things like “wow, these are all of poor people, and these are all rich people.”

As always, we come away from the gallery inspired and thoughtful. Lucy is 9, so most of the intense feelings wash right over her and drain away, but I at least was thinking about the images for the rest of the day.

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