February Misc Roundup 2018

Lucy is almost done with her bow; helped me put together a new sofa; has been having a blast at her gymnastics class; made a complete three-course dinner for the whole family; has been excelling at tae kwon do; made Valentine’s Day cards from scratch for her classmates; and helped put on a puppet show at a birthday gathering.

Will has been making huge progress at Sandhill; flew home again; assisted with set construction for a performance at Gardner; and visited the World of Speed and Family Fun Center in Wilsonville with grandpa Chuck and grandma Phoebe.

Ben attended a work off-site in Astoria; we dug deep for some very specific letters at Cargo; Becky had a birthday; and we hosted the Swenson kids for a delightful afternoon.

It snowed during Will’s visit, so our whole neighborhood trucked over to the WSU campus and had a sledding day. Will fit right in with the other 11-year-olds, and one of the tame neighborhood teenagers brought a camera and shared their treasures!


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