March Misc Roundup 2018

Will arrived for another visit, just in time for a trip to Bricks Cascade, a giant LEGO convention at the Oregon Convention Center, with Lucy, the grandparents, and Ty. They all had an absolute blast! At the end of the week, they got to spend some more time with grandparents, decorating eggs for Easter.

(This next section is true miscellany.) We recorded an episode of our podcast; Becky took Lucy shopping at Target (her favorite store); Becky went to a rock concert; we started training hikes for an eventual summit of Mt. St. Helens; hanging out with the neighborhood crew; and hosting the Swensons again.

Will made up some hilarious limericks, and took some silly photos on his way to the Albuquerque airport to start his visit. He attended several Trackers camps during his time here, including a full day of blacksmithing! He also spent some quality time with the neighborhood kids.

Lucy bought herself some in-line skates, and has been practicing around the neighborhood with her wheels pals. Her class put on their culminating event, which centered on Polynesian cultures, and included a performance of the hula! They also took their little buddies (1st graders) on a 1-mile walk to the college campus and back.



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