#68: Snow Weekend

It’s pretty rare that we get snow at home here in the lovely pacific northwest, so if we want to enjoy it, we have to make plans. So when our friends invited us along to spend a weekend up on Mount Hood for some snow sports, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Day 1 was all about snowboarding. Lucy has been exactly once, but she still talks about it, so we knew she’d have a good time. It was a gorgeous day with great conditions, so the parking lots at Mount Hood Meadows were completely packed, but we managed to get up there and rendezvous with our hosts. Lucy enrolled in a class for right after lunch, and took some very nervous warmup runs down the practice slope.

After her lesson she was a completely different rider. We took the Buttercup lift up several times, and even though she kept falling, she also kept getting up. Even after I told her it was time for the day to be over, she insisted on making it to the bottom of her last run on her board. I was really proud.

Becky is decidedly not a snow-sports person. She spent this day in the Welches library, soaking up some alone time.

For our second day, we drove out to White River West Sno-Park to have some less-structured time in the white stuff. We built forts and sledded down the slope, tried snowshoes, wandered in the woods, and built sled jumps. It was a good, relaxing time with good company, and we highly enjoyed it. We highly recommend spending time in the snow with friends, if you can find snow and/or friends.

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