#47: Get a New Dog


Pugs are a very social breed of dog, so when we lost Scout earlier this year, it was no surprise that Hank started acting kind of depressed and lonely. We knew we needed to be a two-dog family again.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

So Becky went on a dog search. She looked high and low for pug puppies that were old enough (but not too old) and within a two-day drive of us, and came up nearly empty. She did, however, find a French bulldog that was 8 months old (from a pug breeder), house trained, and up for adoption nearby.

This is Parker, our little cartoon drawing of a dog. When Becky brought her home, it was as though Parker said “this is where I live? AWESOME. Oh, that’s where the dog door is, cool, and the bathroom is just outside, right? Oh, this this my NEW BEST FRIEND? Wait, do I get BELLY SCRATCHES TOO?!?! BEST. DAY. EVER.” And then she ran around like crazy with Hank. And then she fell asleep.

(There’s a side story about how we almost ended up with a little black pug, but it’s too long to tell here. This is Parker’s post.)

We love her dearly, and she loves us. Hank loves playing with her, but it doesn’t quite seem natural to him to snuggle with her yet. He’ll get there, we’re sure. In the meantime, she will happily initiate snuggles with him.


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