#46: Cafe Castagna Burger Before They Close

Becky has long said that the best burger she’s ever eaten came from Cafe Castagna. It was a revelation, she said, a moment that divided her life into the before and the after. And then Cafe Castagna announced that they were closing after 17 years, and she wasted no time in making a reservation.

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Then life happened, and it turned out that Becky couldn’t make it for the reservation. So I picked Lucy up from her day at Trackers archery, and headed over just in time for opening. We ordered the burger, of course, as well as some bread and sumptuous butter, a generous and well-curated cheese plate, and a dessert of berry sorbet and ginger snap.

It was all delicious, of course. And Becky was right – this was a truly great burger. So we ordered one to go, and brought it home to a grateful Becky.

So long, Cafe Castagna. We hardly knew you, but we loved you all the same.

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