#62: Wings & Waves

Our kids live for waterparks. Sadly we live in an area where there aren’t very many; if you go north the first thing you come to is Great Wolf Lodge (a 1-hour drive) and if you go south, the best option is Wings & Waves (a 1-hour drive). The latter doesn’t require a hotel stay, and has a great draw – it’s on the property at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum – so when it came time to make good on their 12th-day gift from last Christmas, this was the place.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

It happened this time that our neighbor Adam was available to come with! Becky and I both have great memories of family outings that included friends, and we wanted to give this a try.

The day was great. I had just cut my finger pretty badly and had a semi-open wound, so I wasn’t able to go in the water, but the kids disappeared for most of the day and kept themselves very busy. I found a perch on the mezzanine and wrote blog posts and read my book all day, and they got all wrinkly. The day was a great success!

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