#39: Three New Vancouver Eateries

Adventures aren’t just far away! You can also have a great time exploring the city you live in, and since we explore mostly with our mouths, getting to know our local food scene is the way we do it.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

This year we made it to three local eateries of note. Sadly we completely forgot to take photos at our first two stops, so you’ll have to trust us that we visited them.

The first was Woody’s Tacos, a Vancouver institution which has been around forever. We enjoyed them, but they weren’t stand-outs in our personal taco catalogs.

The second was the Bleu Door Bakery, a lovely little place on Main Street. We grabbed some pastries to run with, and they were delicious.

Lastly, we discovered Little Conejo, which is now our taco place. Maybe it didn’t push Por Que No out of the running, but we don’t feel the need to drive that far anymore. We’ve been here three times in the last week. The pescado torta is especially delicious, but all of the tacos are worth visiting for, and they occasionally make specialty cocktails (hello tamarind margarita!). Sooooo good.


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