#100: Retire (?) the 100 Things

We’ve been doing the 100 Things for 5 years now. That’s 500 Things! It’s become a core part of our family identity. So it wasn’t easy to decide to take a break.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge.

This thing we do has really changed the way we live our lives, and what we expect from ourselves. It’s led us to some really interesting places, and brought us together as a family. We’ve said it before, but the whole point wasn’t to achieve a bunch of things, it was to be in the habit of living mindfully, both by planning to be adventurous, and by recognizing special moments as they happen.

But the pace of the 100 Things is wearing on us. We find it hard to take a weekend off and just relax around the house, because the list is looming over us. Plus, our lives are getting more complicated – Lucy and Will attend different schools and are interested in different extracurriculars, and our family-togetherness time is about to get a lot smaller as they enter middle and high school.

So we’re saying goodbye to the 100 Things, at least for now. In 2019 we’ll continue to have adventures, and we’ll continue to write about them here. We just won’t feel like we can’t slow down without failing. It’s possible that we’ll come back to this practice after a while, we’re not sure, but we hope you’ll understand our decision.

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