#48: Kayak

Becky and I have never really traveled someplace and just sat by the pool. We get restless, so we’re constantly seeking out reasons to explore and get to know the place we’re in. On our trip to Cancun, there’s a huge lagoon and mangrove jungle, and what better way to explore than in a tiny paddle boat?

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

This Airbnb Experience is one of the few things that survived my original plan for this trip. It happened on the third day of our trip, when we were ready for a bit of physical exertion and sun, so we were in high spirits going in.

The route took us along the ways used by boats to get to one of the more obscure marinas on the lagoon, and then through super-narrow passageways between the mangroves, which act as a nursery for sea stars and sponges. We stopped for a snack on a little island, whose beach was made of millions of tiny seashells, then back to our starting point, having paddled about 5 kilometers.

Becky was a tad worried going in that we’d be the ones holding the group back. This stems from the last time we went kayaking with a group, when everyone else was more experienced and serious than us. Her worry turned out to be unfounded, and we were probably the most experienced kayakers there aside from the guides.

Our weather couldn’t have been more pleasant, the water was warm, the mangroves beautiful, our guides were able to answer all of Becky’s questions about the mangrove ecosystem, and the company was pleasant. Highly recommended.

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