3 thoughts on “Zoolights in the Cold

  1. Hello one and all! I just wanted to let you guys know I always check your blog; and these last photos are the cutest yet! We got to do the zoo lights/train thing 3 years ago with the little ones; and what a blast; and yes indeed were we cold!! We’re old enough to know that not every day is easy; but the smiles are so wonderful to see. You are in our thoughts often, often, often. If you ever get down this way, we would love to see you.

    Our love to you all,
    Bill and Susie

  2. Speaking for Aunt Dona I am glad to see the kids so happy. I love all the pictures and check the blog regularly.
    Lucy looks so cute with her new haircut! Am hoping they come with Kay and Roger and maybe Becky and Ben next time they visit Dona in Coos Bay.

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