Kids, Grandparents, and Dogs

While we were on our amazing Balkan Honeymoon, the kids were being happily cared for by Kay, Phoebe, and Chuck.  They had several adventures in Southern Oregon and the coast, but this fun roundup is from Portland and Salem:


We have found the most amazing pug family a mile from our house where we can leave our two with their best friends for much cheaper than a kennel!  They often send us photos of the pups and all their friends:


One thought on “Kids, Grandparents, and Dogs

  1. Kay, you did better then I would of at getting to the top of that slide. You make me feel old lol. Becky is that hotdogs that the kids have that look like some animal? I’d never thought of that. What talent. Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing what the kiddo’s are up too, but are some of those pic’s taken in your new house? We live in a double wide and we’re happy, but I really like seeing how ppl remodel older houses. Playdates for the critters are always good, so long as the critters agree..
    Thanks for sharing.

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